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Spiritual Coaching and Counseling for Leaders

(Individual or Group)

While leading others, it is not unusual for those who are tasked to be and to do such to forget to BREATHE:

  • Have Boundaries.

  • Make time for Re-creation and Escape.

  • Seek and maintain appropriate Accountability partnerships for Transparency.

  • Ask for Help when necessary.

  • Reflectively Evaluate self while serving.


Therefore, the spiritual coaching and counseling of The Uncommon Tapestry will assist those in pastoral,

professional, and entrepreneurial leadership with

  • Personal development assistance-goal identification and accountability.

  • Guidance and support with life management.

  • Promotion of increased life productivity.

  • Referrals for additional counseling with licensed, clinical practitioners.

EmpowerYou Sessions

(Individual or Group)

    Since salvation is a progressive work, we are always “under construction.” Individual or group EmpowerYou sessions offered by The Uncommon Tapestry invite persons to engage a personalized process of becoming by participating in growth-centered activities such as (but are not limited to) the following:

  • “Mirror, Mirror”-“What I See, What They See, and What I See Now”

  • Topic Focused-Guilt/Shame, Grief, Trust, and Forgiveness

  • The Five “S” System for Balance (Self-Awareness, Safe Place, Stillness, Sabbath, Sabbatical)

  • Leading Ladies: Divinely Designed and Destiny Driven (A six-session module)