“Same Wind, Different Sway”

There is a thick cluster of trees behind my home. As the wind blows, they join it in its airy dance and move at its will. The majority of them gently bend left while one tree noticeably moves right. I often marvel at its bravery, to be among the crowd while courageously being the outlier. It is subject to the same wind, but it cannot deny its truth of position that results from how it has been planted.

Same wind, different sway.

As people, we are often in various situations of togetherness, be it among family or within the workplace, in which we sometimes find ourselves impacted by a singular, external force. While its affect may warrant an overwhelmingly, collective response, the potential still exists for us to be like this lone tree and have a different one.

It takes an openness, a daring willingness on our part to be uncommon in commonality, to allow our innate uniqueness to lead the way, even if no one follows. Subject to the same wind, we, too, are empowered to have a different sway, freely and without apology.

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